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December 2023
Enjoy a moment of calm and beauty

Paintings with nuance and subtlety that capture a moment of beauty and an experience of peace.

Shipping is FREE December 6 -21 for paintings purchased from this collection

Through these works I share with you my personal connection to a place or an experience in nature. My hope is that they uplift and enrich — give you a visual and mental boost and an experience of quiet contemplation and calm. A painting you love will take you back into a moment again and again so you can experience and hold on to the restful effects of light and colour, taking away a sense of peace and contentment for yourself.

This collection of paintings bring a unique expression of tranquil beauty and colour to your home. They’ll make a unique gift for someone or add to your own thoughtfully curated personal collection. 

What makes a painting feel peaceful?

Creating a painting that radiates peace is a nuanced process that requires intention and skill.


In this collection you will find colours that create a sense of harmony,as well as muted tones, gradual transitions and subtle, neutral hues that are soothing.

Balance and simplicity in the composition will contribute a sense of calmness.


Enhanced texture adds a gentle tactile pleasure and smooth brushwork, soft edges, contribute to a quiet visual experience.


Allowing for areas of quiet and simplicity within the canvas, known as negative space, can create a meditative and restful visual experience.


Soft, diffused lighting adds a gentle atmosphere, while the play of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the painting.​​


You will discover that you resonate with a painting and feel peaceful as you connect with the the sincerity and intention behind the art work. 


Landscapes or elements of nature often instill a feeling of peace. The connection to the natural world can be a powerful source of tranquility. In this collection you will find serene landscapes, quiet interiors, and abstract representations of calm emotions and contemplation.

Tom Boag.JPG

Cindy’s painting is true to the notion that good art inspires thought/meditation

Tom / President / AAR Environmental Services

I have tried to anticipate your questions and you can find answers by following the link below. Note that I am offering a 30 day return for original paintings purchased from the website. If you are new to shopping for art online this should alleviate any concerns about the possibility of the piece working in your space. I am also willing to send you a mockup of your room with the painting shown to scale if this will help with your decision. Just send me your photo and we can make sure it's a perfect fit!

"It has been on my mind and heart to share with you how much I am enjoying my living room painting.

Every visitor to my home has remarked on its beauty! Just wanted you to know how much your art has blessed my life. Thank You!

Maryanne Kingma

free shipping ends December 21

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