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Sweet Hearts

February 7 - February  10

Awaken Delight — Savor Moments

Sweethearts_FOR KEEPS_edited.jpg

Valentine’s Day is next week! An opportunity to reflect on the loves in our lives and show them how much they mean to us. Consider a painting that captures a moment of pleasure that will last a lifetime.


Presently I have four pieces from Cindy’s beautiful art collection. Each one reminds me of a joyful moment of a time in my life. 


 February 7 - 10
A portion of proceeds from sales will go towards the work of the
Fear is Not Love Society 

Summer Sugar

Assorted memories of summer inspired this painting. The colour is so juicy and delicious that I can just look at it and experience a creamsicle –but without the calories!


Strawberry Fields

This painting - an abstract landscape - came after a hot, sparkling day of wandering through a field of flowers. Buzzing with life and energy, it showcases the colours of passion and play.


Pink Skies

A delightful small plein air painting capturing a dramatic sky – full of possibility and bursting with promise.


When we look at your paintings, we feel joy, and serenity. They transport us from our busy life to a place of peace and nature.


I have tried to anticipate your questions and you can find answers by following the link below. Note that I am offering a 30 day return for original paintings purchased from the website. If you are new to shopping for art online this should alleviate any concerns about the possibility of the piece working in your space. I am also willing to send you a mockup of your room with the painting shown to scale if this will help with your decision. Just send me your photo and we can make sure it's a perfect fit!

 ends February 10

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