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"that makes me feel peaceful"

One comment I hear often expressed by those viewing my paintings is "that makes me feel peaceful".

My own sense of peace has taken a hit lately. Some of you know I have fought anxiety for years and sometimes it gets the upper hand again. I know I need to take stock when those very detailed stress dreams start piling up!

This week, I took in a lovely choir concert, and it reminded me once again of the power of music to bring some calm. A few days later, I also experienced its ability to have the opposite effect! I was driving home after a swim –– feeling great from the exercise and a relaxing steam. The song, FEAR, by Begonia was playing on the radio and I noticed that the anxiety suddenly started building a home in my chest again — I had to quickly turn if off. So . . . amid this backdrop of experiences with anxiety – my creative journey and painting practice is, in part, a response to this challenge of enjoying peace and creating calm.

Creating art continues to take me on unique twists and turns. When I am in the flow, time ceases being a constant presence, judging if I have done “enough”. Through the process of painting my mind is free to actively explore new places, and as I work to realize my intentions, I can wonder “what if?” in a life giving way. As I create, I can work out emotions and process my thoughts without being consumed by them – which is such a relief! Painting provides a meaningful way for me to create my own sense of well being and my hope is that the resulting work contributes to yours as well.


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