Wandering Ways

This painting was inspired during a walk towards a ridge in Alberta's foothills. The willows were sparkling and I loved the quality of light as the skies darkened and rain clouds gathered. I have painted a number of paintings depicting paths as I feel they can be a reminder to walk in hope, to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey. I wanted to offer a visual and curative rest while you discover and enjoy nature's more subtle, quiet and sustaining beauty. On exhibit now till June 7th as part of the 18th annual juried members show at the Leighton Centre.

painting of alberta lake and sky

Aspen Grove

I was inspired by the play of light on this grove of aspens and liked the sense of mystery of the deeper space


Divine Daybreak

This painting features a wetland area dramatically reflecting the morning light. The colour, light and composition in this painting all work together to create an expression of celebration and hope.