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October 8 - October 11
Offering you some very special discounts and FREE SHIPPING
within Canada.
Choose from my Harvest Collection
30 diverse paintings all with a connection to Autumn. Ripe and ready for picking! 

We have two of Cindy’s paintings, and we are very, very happy with them. The composition and colour palette of both are lovely, and we find her style of brushwork to be soothing and calming. They bring the beauty of nature right into our home!

Laura and Bill Locke 

Fall colour and light, fields, trees, skies, ponds, and gardens . . .  all sources of inspiration reflected in the Harvest Sale Collection.

SALE begins 9am October 8
Discounts on selected Paintings and FREE SHIPPING within Canada.

The fall always feels to me more like a new start than January does. A time to reset, reflect and let go.


So . . . what’s happening on your walls? Does the art you see around you add to your enjoyment of your space? Anything you need to let go of?Perhaps a reproduction long faded by the sun. That photograph that is too dark or too small for the space and really not as good as you thought it was when you framed it 20 years ago ;)?


I have gathered a Harvest Collection of 30 paintings that will add warm fall colour and a new spark to your home.


Some I have been working on in studio over the past few months, or are the result of plein air painting sessions outdoors. A few have sat waiting in the dark, dormant until now, and have finally received the care and attention needed to be ready to see the light of day. 

You’ll find leafy canopies, lots of warm hues in tones of yellow and orange, harvested fields, momentary light effects, as well as feelings of gratitude and contentment captured in gouache, oil or acrylic paint.


Many of the HARVEST paintings are on paper, or painted in smaller formats and thus very affordable. Most are unframed, displayed in standard sized mats for you to easily frame as you wish. They’ll make a unique gift for someone or add to your thoughtfully curated personal collection. 

Through these paintings I share with you my personal connection to a place or an experience in nature. I want these to uplift and enrich — give you a visual and mental boost. A painting you love will take you back into the shared moment so you can experience and hold on to these effects of light and colour, taking away a sense of peace and contentment for yourself.


"It has been on my mind and heart to share with you how much I am enjoying my living room painting. And—every visitor to my home has remarked on its beauty! Just wanted you to know how much your art has blessed my life. Thank You!

Maryanne Kingma 

I have tried to anticipate your questions and you can find answers by following the link below. Note that I am offering a 30 day return for original paintings purchased from the website. If you are new to shopping for art online this should alleviate any concerns about the possibility of the piece working in your space. I am also willing to send you a mockup of your room with the painting shown to scale if this will help with your decision. Just send me your photo and we can make sure it's a perfect fit!

“Presently I have four pieces from Cindy’s beautiful art collection. Each one reminds me of a joyful moment of a time in my life. For example, in my home growing up there was always a coffee pot on. Unexpected guests were always dropping by, and all activity in the home would stop as we would all sit around the round kitchen table and connect, catching up on news and laughing till we cried. These are the memories surfacing when I look at Cindy’s painting of an old coffee pot that looks exactly as ours did then. I cherish this painting. My husband purchased it for me when he heard me comment on how it took me back to my mom’s humble kitchen. Cindy’s art is not only exquisite - each painting breathes life and emotion from a place of transparency and truth. 

Sirkka Vandergraaf

Sale ends October 11

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