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you will receive a 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING within Canada.
From JUNE 21 till JUNE 24
A Collection of Energizing Hots and Soothing Cools that will personalize your space and uplift you in it!

Energizing HOTS

To celebrate the beginning of Summer, 

I have put together a collection of paintings that are full of warmth, energy and summer vibes. Feel the sun on your face as you enjoy reliving memories of a perfect summer day, or relish the

colours of the season.



With their cool hues and subtle tones these paintings may bring to mind refreshing afternoon rain showers and cool evenings. Shady retreats under a leafy canopy or coming indoors from the heat to a cold beverage.
From JUNE 21 till JUNE 24
 Receive a 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING within Canada.

Cindy's painting fit our office décor perfectly and contributes to our desire to provide calm, refreshing and trustworthy advice.

Jim / President / Lighthouse Financial

Summer is full of colour, activity, plans and fun! It can also bring its own stress with changing schedules and our desire to maximize enjoyment of the season.


A summer highlight for me is to enjoy an authentic creamsicle! The sweet citrus and ice cream combo instantly takes me back to childhood hot summer days past. Then after I’ve had my first swim in a lake it truly feels like summer to me. Floating with the cool water on my skin and just the sound of the water lapping — letting stress dissipate and feeling weightless and liquid for a few minutes is the ultimate summer experience I savour. 


This collection of paintings all take inspiration from my summer experiences and my desire to capture and convey them uniquely for you. Bringing art into your home is a way to feel uplifted and energized.


Making choices that reflect your personality and unique tastes will make your spaces interesting and memorable. Have a look at  Summer HOTS  if you prefer warm colours. These paintings will provide visual impact — adding new interest and a pop of strong colour to your interior space. 

Want your home to exude a more quiet peaceful vibe? Do you prefer to surround yourself with soothing tones that remind you of your favourite shaded retreat or the welcome breeze coming off the lake?

Summer COOLS will take you there.

Tom Boag.JPG

Cindy’s painting is true to the notion that good art inspires thought/meditation

Tom / President / AAR Environmental Services

I have tried to anticipate your questions and you can find answers by following the link below. Note that I am offering a 30 day return for original paintings purchased from the website. If you are new to shopping for art online this should alleviate any concerns about the possibility of the piece working in your space. I am also willing to send you a mockup of your room with the painting shown to scale if this will help with your decision. Just send me your photo and we can make sure it's a perfect fit!

Summer Vibes is available until end of day, June 24

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